Learn how to use your Wi-Fi Control

Creating and Using Rules

The advanced operating rules offered by Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control opens the door to smarter heating. Tailor your system to always meet your needs with the superior customisation offered by Wi-Fi Control.

How to Develop Operating Rules

To develop advanced operating rules, simply select ‘Edit Rules’ from the dropdown menu. From here, you can ‘Add a new rule set’ and enter the parameters for your rule.

View the online demo for rules

Suggested Rules for Superior Comfort

For Busy Mornings

Program your heat pump to always turn off at 8.30 am to ensure it is not left running during the day. Perfect for those with busy mornings, you do not have to worry whether you left your heat pump on when rushing out the door.

For Comfortable Nights

Ensure a warm and healthy home with the minimum/maximum room temperature feature. For healthier living, the World Health Organisation recommends that your overnight room temperature should not drop below 16°C. Wi-Fi Control allows you to achieve this in a comfortable and efficient way by only turning on if the room temperature drops below the set minimum temperature.

Also great for summer, a maximum room temperature can be set to ensure that your room doesn’t overheat during the night – ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep all year round.

Never Return to a Cold Home

Home from work at 5.30 pm? Set a timer during the week to ensure you always return to a warm home. Program the heat pump to turn on if it drops below 15°C between the hours of 3 pm – 5 pm. By doing so, you will warm the room gradually which is more energy efficient. Set a second rule that commands your heat pump to turn on to 18°C at 5 pm to ensure you always return to a cosy home.

Power Down the Office

Ensure the office heat pump is not kept running throughout the night by setting a backup power off option. Set an automatic power off for 5.30 pm and a second power off command for 8 pm. If a cleaner or late worker has turned the heat pump on after 5.30 pm, the double power off rule will ensure your heat pump is not running throughout the night, saving you money.


To use either a rule template or a rule that you have created yourself, ensure that you apply the rule to your unit. To do this, simply edit the unit, and select the rule to apply it to your heat pump.
Use the ‘Disable all rules’ function to ensure your heat pump doesn’t turn on when you are on holiday.

Creating and using rules