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Echonet Lite

Echonet Lite is an international home automation control communication protocol standard and is available only on the MAC-588IF-E / MAC-578IF-E / MAC-568IF-E Wi-Fi Interface

How to enable

You can enable Echonet Lite under [Edit Unit] if you are using a MAC-588/578/568IF-E Wi-Fi Interface.

What is Echonet?

Echonet is a communication protocol designed to create the “smart houses” of the future. Today, with Wi-Fi and other wireless networks readily available in ordinary homes, there is a growing demand for air-conditioning, lighting and other equipment inside the home to be controlled using smartphones or controllers, or for electricity usage to be monitored in order to avoid wasting energy.

To achieve this kind of low-energy, comfortable, safe and reassuring lifestyle, we first need to create a system of rules or a “communication protocol” that can be read by any manufacturer’s equipment. This is where Echonet comes in.

The Echonet Lite specification, in particular, is a communication protocol compatible with the now ubiquitous Internet. It is designed for ease of use and is simpler than the Echonet specification.

The Echonet Lite specification is already compatible with more than 100 types of device.

What Support does the Mitsubishi Electric MAC-588/578/568IF-E Wi-Fi interface have for Echonet?

The MAC-588/578/568IF-E interface supports the Echonet Lite specification as a ‘Home air conditioner class’ over TCPIP.

To use this you will need to enable Echonet Lite using our Wi-Fi app under the device settings and use a home automation tool that supports the standard Echonet Lite protocol.

Documentation for Echonet Lite is available at here

Note: Echonet Lite does not provide security, therefore if enabled on the interface it is important to ensure the network that your Wi-Fi adaptor connects to is secure.

Echonet Lite