Learn how to use your Wi-Fi Control

Everyday Functions

Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control allows you to perform all the basic functions expected from a Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump, plus many more advanced features exclusive to the Wi-Fi Interface.

The basic, everyday functions can be accessed through the ‘Control Unit’ tab on the Wi-Fi Control App.

The Control Unit page allows you to:

  • Power your heat pump on/off
  • Change operation modes: auto, heat, cool, dry, and fan
  • Set desired room temperature
  • View real-time room temperature
  • Control airflow direction
  • Control fan speed

View the online demo to control a heat pump


Equipped with advanced two-way communication, the Wi-Fi Control App provides you with instant confirmation that your command has been received by your heat pump. This means you can be confident that your heat pump will do exactly what you want it to. However, it will take anywhere between 1 second and 1 minute for your heat pump to action the command.

Everyday functions