Wi-Fi Control - the smarter way to manage heating, cooling and ventilation in schools

Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control is the ideal solution to effectively manage heating, cooling and ventilation requirements in schools. From one centralised app, facility managers can effectively monitor and adjust temperature settings and airflow to ensure a comfortable learning environment for students throughout the year.

Group Control Heat Pumps in Classrooms for Consistent Comfort

Multiple heat pumps throughout the school can be controlled simultaneously in the Wi-Fi Control App using Group Control. This feature enables users to group heat pump units based on the building layout, such as by block, and assign easy-to-identify names to each group.

With Group Control, facility managers can easily control the temperature, mode and power on/off all units in a group to ensure comfort in all classrooms.

Set Operating Rules to Pre-heat (or Cool) Classrooms Before Students Arrive

To ensure classrooms are a comfortable temperature when students arrive, facility managers can program simple operating rules in the App. These rules can be customised to meet the school's specific heating and cooling requirements.

A timer rule can be set to activate all heat pumps at 7am on weekdays, pre-heating or pre-cooling the classrooms.

Similarly, a rule can be programmed to turn off the heat pumps automatically at the end of the school day to prevent unnecessary power usage and help the school save money on their energy bill.

Set a Minimum Temperature Rule for a Healthy Learning Environment

When the Minimum Room Temperature feature is enabled in the Wi-Fi Control App, the heat pump(s) can detect if the room temperature falls below the minimum temperature set, and automatically switch on the Heating Mode to maintain the temperature.

The World Health Organisation recommends a minimum indoor temperature of 18°C, so this feature is especially useful in classrooms to maintain a healthy learning environment.

Set a Maximum Room Temperature so Classrooms Don't Overheat

When the Maximum Room Temperature feature is enabled in the Wi-Fi Control App, the heat pump(s) will automatically switch to Cooling Mode if the room temperature surpasses the set maximum temperature.

This feature can be used in summer to prevent classrooms from overheating and ensures students and teachers stay comfortable.

Monitor CO2 Levels to Ensure Optimum Air Quality

In conjunction with the optional CO2 sensor, the Lossnay RVS and RVX3 Fresh Air Ventilation Systems intuitively adjust airflow to ensure optimum air quality, no matter how many people are in the room. The App displays the CO2 levels in real-time and indicates whether they are Good, Moderate or High.

Maintaining good CO2 levels is essential for better health and wellbeing. It also helps students concentrate effectively.

Disable All Rules During School Holidays

By selecting "Disable All Rules" in the Wi-Fi Control App, all rules associated with the heat pumps are deactivated.

This feature can be used during the school holidays to ensure the heat pumps will not turn on while students and teachers are away, saving energy bill costs.

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Wi-Fi Control in Schools