Oasis Multifunctional Dehumidifiers

Did you know a family can generate up to 15 litres of moisture per day through breathing, cooking, bathing, heating and drying clothes?

We all know that dry homes are better for our health, yet moisture build-up remains a real problem for New Zealand’s heavily insulated modern homes.

Protect your furnishings and the wellbeing of loved ones with the Mitsubishi Electric Range of Oasis Multifunctional Dehumidifiers. As well as targeting and extracting moisture from your home, additional features such as laundry drying, mildew prevention and air purification ensure a healthier, drier home for your family.

Why Choose a Dehumidifer

In order to ensure your home is healthy, you must first ensure it is dry. Preventing moisture in your home will not only protect your furnishings and property, but also your family’s wellbeing.

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How Does a Dehumidifier Work?

Damp air is drawn into the unit through a filter and passed over a cold, ‘refrigerated’ coil. The air condenses into water droplets that are collected into a tank, then before the air is returned the room, it passes over a warm coil to produce cleaner, drier air.

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Low Temperature Performance

Mitsubishi Electric’s Oasis Home Dryer will protect your home from moisture build up year round.

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Dehumidifier Product Range

Explore our range of dehumidifiers.

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