Next Generation Hot Water Heat Pumps

Manage and Monitor Your Hot Water Heating with Smart Energy Control

Manage Your Hot Water Consumption with Advanced Monitoring

On-screen power usage information means you have the visibility and freedom to efficiently manage your overall hot water power consumption. Add to this daily and weekly timers so you can take advantage of off-peak tariffs and save even more on your power bills.

For those who have chosen a hot water central home heating system, zone control can be used to set different temperatures for different rooms, or turned off completely. This is the ultimate in customised temperature control.

Built-In Smart Energy Controls Comes Standard
Ecodan Hot Water Heat Pump Systems come standard with built-in Smart Energy Control. This easy-to-use interface provides home owners with smart energy monitoring to maximise energy efficient operation. Furthermore, advanced weather compensation ensures the system delivers comfortable heating no matter the season. The controller is intuitive to use, with individualised room temperature control available at your fingertips for the ultimate in total home comfort.

Other Features

  • Daily, monthly and yearly data are stored and can be displayed using the main remote controller
  • External power meter and heat meter can be connected for accurate measurement
  • An SD card is included for storing usage data.
Smart Energy Monitoring