Hydronic Heating, Cooling and Domestic Hot Water Heat Pumps

Hydronic Heating, Cooling and Domestic Hot Water Heat Pumps

Mitsubishi electric offers market leading energy efficient Air-to-Water heat pump. A reliable total home heating solution using Hydronic indoor units and/or underfloor heating in conjunction with hot water supply provides year-round comfort with advanced control.

The Ecodan Range of Air-to-Water Heat Pumps provide a reliable total home heating and cooling solution. Through the use of high quality components and extensive industry experience, Mitsubishi Electric have strived to produce a highly energy efficient system that fits seamlessly into any house. With capacities ranging from 4.0kW to 23.0kW, there is a Ecodan Air-to-Water Heat Pump for any domestic or light commercial need.
Mitsubishi Electric Climaveneta has used the latest advancements in hot water heat pump technology to offer the i-BX-N packaged air-to-water Heat Pump. The highly efficient, low noise system fits seamlessly into both domestic and light commercial environments offering both hot water and space heating and cooling.
Using the latest advancements in technology and years of experience, Mitsubishi Electric Climaveneta has produced their latest generation of Hydronic Indoor Units, a range of fan-coils and hydronic terminals designed to seamlessly fit into any residential situations.
Mitsubishi Electric Air-to-Water Heat Pumps provide highly efficient hot water perfect for swimming and spa pools. Matched with an external heat exchanger and Mitsubishi Electric advanced controls, the Ecodan Range of Air-to-Water Heat Pumps can efficiently heat your pool or spa for year-round comfort.
The next generation in hot water heating and whole home comfort is here. We are pleased to announce that the Multi Room Air Conditioning System has been expanded to include Ecodan.
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