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How Does an Ecodan Hot Water Heat Pump System Work and What are the Key Components?

A Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan Hot Water Heat Pump Solution is made up of three key components that intuitively work together to provide super energy efficient heating – the outdoor unit, the hot water cylinder and the controller that runs the system. If the system is designed to provide central whole home heating, then underfloor and radiator wall elements will also form part of the system.

The Three Components of an Ecodan Hot Water Heat Pump System

The Outdoor Unit
Just like a heat pump for space heating, the Ecodan outdoor unit uses electricity to absorb freely available warmth from the surrounding air and then transfers it to your home so it can provide energy efficient hot water heating and heating for radiators or underfloor heating.

The Hot Water Cylinder
Ecodan provides your home with continuous hot water via a dedicated “all-in-one” Ecodan Hot Water Storage System. These storage systems are specifically designed to integrate with the Ecodan outdoor unit.

Alternatively, the Ecodan outdoor unit can also be connected up to an existing hot water cylinder via the Ecodan Hydrobox module.

Smart Energy Controls
Ecodan Hot Water Heat Pump Systems come standard with built-in Smart Energy Control. This easy-to-use interface provides home owners with smart energy monitoring to maximise energy efficient operation. Furthermore, advanced weather compensation ensures the system delivers comfortable heating no matter the season. The controller is intuitive to use, with individualised room temperature control available at your fingertips for the ultimate in total home comfort.

Packaged Cylinder System

Packaged Hydrobox System

Combine Hot Water Heating with Whole Home Central Heating

As you have come to expect, Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan Hot Water Heat Pumps are advanced systems that can do more than just efficiently heat hot water. The extensive line up also includes total home heating solutions that cover all of your hot water needs as well as super energy efficient room heating – all through the one system.

These total home heating solutions provide room heating using radiators as well as underfloor heating. It’s the ultimate in total home comfort.

Heat Pumps Are Super Efficient at Heating Homes so Why Not Use the Same Technology to Heat Water

Many years ago, when heat pumps were first introduced to New Zealand, it did not take long for Kiwis to quickly embrace this super energy efficient technology to keep their homes and families warm all winter long.

So it should come as no surprise that the same heat pump technology that revolutionised home heating in New Zealand can be just as effective and efficient at heating your hot water.

How Efficient Is a Hot Water Heat Pump?

The efficiency of a heat pump is known as the Coefficient of Performance or COP. This is a ratio of the heat delivered to power consumed. For every 1kW of electrical input energy, Ecodan absorbs freely available heat energy from the outdoor air to provide the home with an average of at least 3.2kW*1 of heat output.

Compared to typical gas and direct electric heating systems that can have higher running costs with inefficient COPs as low as 0.82*2, Ecodan Hot Water Heat Pumps provide a real energy efficient alternative.

*1 As independently tested by BSRIA based upon BSEN14511 Part 3 standard rating conditions. Due to the method of operation, the performance of heat pumps will vary based upon the temperature of the heat source and the requirements of the heat delivered. The BSEN14511 testing relates to the heat pump performance only and not the entire heating system.

*2 Based on manufacturer information for gas instant hot water heater (non-condensing).

Global Leaders in Hot Water Heat Pump Technology

Since 1994 Mitsubishi Electric have utilised their heat pump technology leadership and expertise to specifically design and manufacture hot water heat pump solutions. The range is called Ecodan and is now well and truly established in Japan and Europe as the preferred way to heat water efficiently with minimal environmental impact.

With the full range of Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan Hot Water Heat Pump solutions now available right here, it’s New Zealand’s turn to reap the benefits.

How Does it Work? Key Components