Mitsubishi Electric Climaveneta i-CXW 4-Way Cassette Terminal

The 4-Way i-CXW Cassette by Mitsubishi Electric Climaveneta features an inverter controlled brushless motor. The air flow can be varied continuously thus offering extreme efficiency and quieter operation. Thanks to the elegant design of the air diffuser and the wide range of controls for single or multiple units, the i-CXW Cassettes are suitable for all kinds of installations.



Key Features

  • Front air intake and horizontal air discharge
  • EC Fan Motor Technology allows continuous airflow and capacity modulation to match the heating load demand
  • 50% reduction in energy use over traditional AC fan-coil units
  • Designed for maximum acoustic comfort, the unit operates at the lowest fan speed possible to keep the temperature stable, ensuring low noise emissions when compared to a traditional AC fan-coil unit

Flexible Installation

The very nature of the i-CXW lends itself to a plethora of different installations, with multiple different valve options, fascia plates and controls along with fresh air renewal connection; the i-CXW performs in any residential application

Continuous Adaptation

The Inverter Technology allows continuous, stepless airflow and capacity modulation so that the unit can easily follow any variation in the room temperature. The extreme efficiency offers a reduction in energy use of up to 70% in comparison to a traditional AC fan.

Designed for maximum acoustic comfort at all fan speeds, the unit always operates at the lowest fan speed possible to keep the room space at temperature and ensuring low noise emissions.

Quick and Easy Installation

Available with factory mounted valves and actuators, the unit just has to be mounted, connected to an external heat source and provided power.

Reliable Operation

All components in the i-CXW Range are in line with the high quality synonymous with the Mitsubishi Electric brand.

Elegant design

The i-CXW Cassette unit is designed to fit seamlessly into residential applications and was engineered to provide excellent performance in terms of efficiency, silent operation, and installation flexibility. The units are available for installation in 2 or 4-pipe systems and in two sizes to meet any kind of installation requirement: the smaller one fits perfectly into false ceiling standard modules for easy installation and maintenance.

Mitsubishi Electric Climaveneta i-CXW 4-Way Cassette Terminal