Mitsubishi Electric Climaveneta i-Life2 Slim Fan-Coil

i-Life2 Slim is the new Mitsubishi Electric Climaveneta Fan-Coil, with Inverter Technology for heating, cooling, and dehumidifying. Its elegant design with a depth of only 130mm makes i-Life2 Slim the perfect solution for residential applications. The radiant model is also available, equipped with micro fans that take over for the tangential fan when a water temperature of 35°C is reached. The radiant mode reduces noise and further increases efficiency.



Key Features

  • Front air intake and vertical air discharge
  • EC Fan Motor Technology allows continuous airflow and capacity modulation to match the heating load demand
  • 50% reduction in energy use over traditional AC fan-coil units
  • Designed for maximum acoustic comfort, the unit operates at the lowest fan speed possible to keep the temperature stable, ensuring low noise emissions when compared to a traditional AC fan-coil unit
  • Radiant heating effect

A Perfect Synergy

Conceived to make every kind of residential environment more comfortable, the range of i-Life 2 Slim fan-coils integrate excellent performance with stylish looks. The i-life 2 Slim Units are a perfect synergy between elegance, comfort and energy savings. At only 130mm deep, the unit sits almost flat against the wall and fits seamlessly into almost every environment.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Thanks to the inverter controlled DC motor, and radiant effect the range of i-Life 2 Slim units offer some of the best efficiency’s in the market, with Electrical absorption rates up to 50% lower than traditional fan-coils.

Built-in Controller

With the ATS2 Controller built into each unit the i-Life2 Slim Units are ready for integration with any air-to-water heat pump in the Mitsubishi Electric family. With a simple 8 key display the ATS2 has all the control functionality required for a comfortable and cozy home.

Controller functions include:

  • Heating and cooling temperature set point
  • 4 different fan speeds
  • Room temperature visualization
  • Key lock function

  • Unit Indipended on / off
  • HOT START Function
  • TOO COOL Function

Radiant Functionality

The i-Life 2 Slim has been specially designed with 24hr comfort in mind, Mitsubishi Electric Climaveneta has incorporated years of experience into the design of the i-LIFE 2 Slim Radiant version. Micro-fans have been incorporated between the coil and front panel to push heat into the front panel silently, this heat is then dispersed into the room space using the natural convection of heat.

Resilient and Robust

The elegant layout of the i-Life2 Slim has been specifically designed to perfectly fit into its environment. The linear and modern design of its casing with minimal lines and gentle curves is obtained by using high quality plastic materials combined with traditional galvanized sheet steel and epoxy powder coating

Comfort and Safety

Each i-Life2 Slim are provided with a replaceable Polypropylene Honeycomb Filter, and there is easy access to the filter through the removable front grille in order to make cleaning easier. For environments with high air quality requirements, an UVC emitter is available as an accessory. The UV rays guarantee antibacterial efficacy, ensuring perfect sterilisation and well-being of the occupants.

Mitsubishi Electric Climaveneta i-Life2 Slim Fan-Coil