Bottom Mount Fridges

With a bottom mounted freezer drawer, these fridges are a modern take on the typical fridge freezer. Available in stainless steel or white with tempered glass shelves, they are sleek inside and out, the perfect addition to any home.

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Features of This Series


Advanced Drawer Technology

Building on the success of the Multi Drawer Refrigeration Range, Mitsubishi Electric has released a range of refrigerators featuring a bottom mounted freezer drawer. For the first time, this unique design allows the advantages of multi drawer technology to be incorporated into our Bottom Mount Range.

Refrigeration Compartment

LED Lighting

The energy efficient LED light will illuminate your refrigerator up to 50 times longer than an average refrigerator light bulb.

Tempered Glass Shelves

Built to hold up to 100kgs, the Tempered Glass Shelves are also practical, easy to clean and adjustable to allow customisation.

Multi Airflow Cooling System

Cold air is distributed from the back to both sides and the front; cooling each compartment quickly and uniformly. Even door pockets are quickly cooled, with air circulating through the gaps in the bottom of each door pocket.


Inverter Technology for 23% More Power Savings*

The Mitsubishi Electric EK Bottom Mount Series is 23% more efficient in comparison to the previous non-inverter model. Equipped with an advanced inverter compressor with Mitsubishi Electric’s Neuro Fuzzy Logic Technology, the EK Bottom Mount Range achieves an impressive 3 Star Energy Rating. The EK Bottom Mount Series is able to memorise your usage patterns and adapt energy usage for more savings.

†Compared to C Series Non-Inverter Model.


The Bottom Mount Advantage

Mitsubishi Electric has recognised the growing popularity of bottom mounted freezers and expanded this range to include two models. With 105 litres of usable space, the Freezer Drawer on these models is generously proportioned to suit the needs of New Zealand families.

Ease of Use

This range is popular among those who access the Refrigerator Compartment most commonly, while making the freezer as user-friendly as possible. The drawer-type freezer allows quick and easy selection of food items, with a top tray that slides back to reveal more storage and ultimately improves energy efficiency by minimising the amount of time spent with the door open.

Ergonomic Design

With the larger Refrigerator Compartment located at the top, the layout of these models take frequency of use into consideration, minimising the need to bend to reach refrigerated food items. The drawer design of the freezer allows users to select food from above, without the need to bend or kneel to access this compartment.

Reduces Loss of Cool Air

As only part of the freezer compartment is exposed when the drawer is opened, the loss of cold air is minimised.

Frost Free

The freezer is Frost Free, ensuring the compartment is automatically kept clear of ice build-up at all times.

Additional Features

Whisper Quiet

The EK Bottom Mount Series truly is whisper quiet. Rated at 18dBA – no other refrigerator in its class is quieter!*

*300L Bottom Mount Category

Door Alarm System

The Refrigerator Compartment and Freezer Drawer are equipped with separate Door Alarms which sound when opened for over a minute.

Energy Efficient

The EK Bottom Mount Series achieves a 3 Star Energy Rating. The result is lower long-term running costs, for ultimate cost efficiency.

Inverter Technology

Next generation Inverter Technology means unparalleled power savings in comparison to traditional non-inverter models.


Browse Models

4 Products Total
MR-BF325EK-W-A2325 LitreMR-BF325EK-ST-A2325 LitreMR-BF390EK-W-A2390 LitreMR-BF390EK-ST-A2390 Litre
* Note: All images used are for illustrative purposes only.
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