Black Diamond High Wall Heat Pumps

With 3 distinctive colour choices, the range redefines personalised comfort and style and is packed with advanced features including Dual Barrier Coating maximising energy efficiency, a 3D i-See Sensor for customised comfort and Plasma Quad Filtration. Furthermore, HyperCore Technology is standard on the 2.5-5kW capacities guaranteeing full heating to -15°C

Features of This Series


Black Diamond Series | Heat Pumps

The new standard in personalised comfort and style

Reflect your Design Personality

The Black Diamond Series features a unique gloss finish with a sleek brushed texture; displaying a deep colour that creates an elegant, striking impact. Choose from Red Diamond, White Diamond or Black Diamond, and make your personal design vision a reality.

Excellence in design

Special painting technology on the housing surface lends the Black Diamond Series a particularly deep colour and an elegant, striking finish. Choose from Red Diamond, White Diamond or Black Diamond, and make your personal design vision a reality.

3D i-See Sensor

The 3D i-See Sensor offers the ultimate in customised heating and cooling; analysing the temperature profile of the room and providing the perfect amount of heating or cooling based on preference.
How Does it Work?
This intelligent sensor continuously takes a thermal scan of the room and splits it into 752 three-dimensional zones, measuring the temperature in each to detect exactly where people are in a room. It’s even clever enough to detect how hot or cold a person is. With the ability to detect the presence and position of people in the room, the 3D i-See Sensor adjusts the temperature and airflow to ensure everyone is comfortable
Customised Comfort
The 3D i-See Sensor enables a new level of truly personalised comfort to be achieved with customisable airflow control. Working in conjunction with the dual split vane design, the 3D i-See Sensor is able to direct customised heating or cooling where it is needed most. As a result, it can save energy by ensuring no unnecessary heating or cooling to areas that don’t require it. The 3D i-See Sensor is able to provide features such as Indirect or Direct Airflow, Even Airflow, Auto-Off and Energy Saving Mode.

Independently Contolled Dual Split Vane Airflow

Intuitively Adjusts the Airflow Direction to Where It’s Needed

The 3D i-See sensor works in conjunction with the dual split vanes to provide heating or cooling to where it is needed most. As a result, it can save energy by not heating or cooling areas that don’t require it. Whether you prefer direct, indirect of evenly distributed airflow, the 3D i-See Sensor provides the ultimate in customisable airflow.

You'll Never Feel Cold

The 3D i-See sensor can recognise movement of an individual in a room and subsequently direct the airflow with the dual split vanes; so they continue feeling warm no matter where they have moved to in the room.

Comfort for All With Multiple Airflow Directions

The 3D i-See Sensor can identify multiple people present in the room and adjust the dual split vanes to direct heating or cooling evenly throughout; so everybody feels comfortable in the room.
Only one person feels direct heat.
Both people feel direct heat and are both comfortable.

Plasma Quad Plus Advanced Filtration

The advanced Plasma Quad Plus Filtration System, featuring high-performance two stage plasma technology, filters the air to clean away viruses such as Covid-19* as well as smells, dust, moulds and other common household allergens. The Two Stage Plasma Quad Plus Filter works like an electrical curtain, using an electrical discharge to catch and neutralise even microscopically small particles in the air. In fact, it can even capture PM2.5 particles (that's 20 times smaller than the width of a human hair!). Independent test results confirm that the Plasma Quad Filtration System achieves extremely high reduction results in the removal of allergen, mould, bacteria and airborne contaminants in the room. Providing up to 98.8% effectiveness of removing airborne Covid-19* particles too, it’s the ultimate peace of mind for ensuring a healthier, cleaner living environment.

* PQC Electrode Collection Plate, Test Chamber Lab – Test No. 20KB070569, Microbial Testing Laboratory Kobe Testing Center Japan Textile Products Quality and Technology Center.

Dual Barrier Coating

The patented Mitsubishi Electric Dual Barrier Coating prevents dust and dirt from accumulating on the inner surface of the heat pump; keeping your heat pump clean year-round. Blended “fluorine particles” prevent hydrophilic dirt penetration and “hydrophilic particles” prevent hydrophobic dirt from getting into the air conditioner. As a result the patented dual coating on the inner surface continues to keep key internal heat pump components clean.

Maximise Energy Efficient Performance

Keeping key internal components like the heat exchanger, the fan and the internal duct clean is important for both home comfort and efficiency. Not only does dust and dirt build up typically create unpleasant odours, but it also forces a heat pump to work harder, which can result in significantly impaired energy efficiency. Dual Barrier Coating is the world’s first coating technology to prevent dust and oil build up in the interior of the heat pump for the ultimate in peace of mind, ease and comfort.

Powerful Heating Performance

The Black Diamond Series is specifically designed to provide powerful heating, even on those freezing cold days. The Black Diamond Series 2.5 – 5kw capacities come standard with Hypercore Technology, providing powerful heating so your room heats up fast and stays warm when you need it most.

New Zealand’s best low temperature performance guaranteed

While ordinary heat pumps produce less heat below 7°C, Mitsubishi Electric HyperCore® Technology guarantees its fully rated capacity right down to -15°C so you get all the heat you paid for. If you experience cold temperatures and/or high humidity during the winter months then a HyperCore high wall is perfect for you. In fact, it guarantees its full rated heating capacity right down to -15°C, HyperCore ensures superior heating performance, regardless of outdoor temperatures.

HyperCore Technology

As the graph shows, even though both heat pumps are rated to provide 6kW of heat, their performance differs greatly as the temperature drops. While the standard heat pump produces less heat, the LN50 6kW HyperCore High Wall model continues to deliver the full 6kW you paid for. The best low temperature performance heat pump combined with rapid heating ensures warmth when you need it.

Next Generation EcoCore Technology

Superior energy efficiency is achieved by incorporating a large, high density heat exchanger, an advanced high efficiency fan motor and a next generation compressor using the latest in super-efficient R32 refrigerant.

Achieved maximum of 6 Star Energy Efficiency Rating

The Black Diamond Series are some of the most energy efficient heat pumps available in New Zealand. The LN25 model even boasts the maximum 6 star energy rating in heating – which means superior energy efficient performance all winter long.

Whisper Quiet Operation

Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps are designed to be very, very quiet. Constant development to reduce sound levels has resulted in our Black Diamond Series High Wall indoor units starting at an amazingly quiet 19dBA. Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps are designed to be quiet on all fan speeds. In addition, the introduction of a quiet fan speed provides truly quiet operation without compromising on comfort levels. More on the importance of quietness.

Night Mode

Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps are designed to be very, very quiet. Constant development to reduce sound levels has resulted in our Black Diamond Series High Wall indoor units starting at an amazingly quiet 19dBA. And for the perfect night’s sleep, the Black Diamond Series features Night Mode; lowering the outdoor operating noise level by 3dB.

Smart Monitoring for Efficient Heating and Cooling All Year Round

Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Heat Pump Energy Monitoring truly puts the power in your hands and gives you and your family the visibility to make more energy efficient choices when heating and cooling your home. Now, you can monitor the indicative energy use of a compatible Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump* connected with built-in Wi-Fi Control, using the Mitsubishi Electric App.

Explore our new Energy Monitoring feature in its beta stage.

Starting with 'Enhanced Energy View' units, data will be tested and analysed to identify and correct any issues. Other units, referred to as 'Indicative Energy View', will be phased in as their accuracy is analysed.

*Read more and try a demonstration

Wi-Fi Control Built In for the ultimate in comfort control no matter where you are.

Never return to a cold home again!

With Mitsubishi Electric built –in Wi-Fi Heat Pump Control you can pre-heat or cool a room no matter where you are. On the way home, running late, coming home early, or even when you're in a different country, with Wi-Fi Control you'll always arrive home to total comfort regardless of what New Zealand's unpredictable weather is doing outside!

Now also Alexa Voice Enabled!

Hands free heat pump operation is now a reality. Any Mitsubishi Electric heat pump that is connected with Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control can now utilize an Amazon Alexa Smart Speaker to control the temperature in the home with simple voice commands. Coming home carrying the shopping? Cooking up a storm in the kitchen? Hands full during family playtime? Searching for the remote control in a dark room? This will be a thing of the past – now you can simply talk to your heat pump!
*Please note that due to the reflective and multilayered finish of the Black Diamond Series indoor units, the colours shown within this brochure are indicative only. While every effort has been made to display the units as they appear in person, due to variables such as lighting and positioning affecting the appearance, we recommend viewing the Black Diamond Series at your nearest showroom.
Black Diamond LN Series