Fresh, clean air is an essential ingredient in any climate control system. Good ventilation ensures that the air inside a building is constantly replaced with fresh air from outside. The Lossnay ventilation system recovers energy from stale air to heat incoming fresh air, thus reducing the amount of additional heat required.

Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay Single Room Ventilation System is designed to provide cost effective energy recovery ventilation to one specific area in the home. The Lossnay VL100 Range includes a ducted model that is the perfect unobtrusive in-ceiling solution. For applications without adequate roof space, there is a ductless unit purpose-built to accommodate a simple back-to-back wall mount installation.
New Zealand homes are getting more air tight than ever. As a result, in addition to the need for adequate heating and cooling, fresh air is also key to overall better health and well-being. Lossnay Fresh Air Home Ventilation is the ideal solution to bring fresh filtered air in, with the added benefit of heat recovery. The range includes whole home ducted units and alternative vertical models that are not limited to in-roof installations.
Swap stale air for fresh... and save on heating. The Lossnay Fresh Air Energy Recovery Systems set a new standard in ventilation by recovering heat from the air inside your building and transferring it to fresh, dry air introduced from outside. Not only providing energy recovery savings in winter by warming the cold fresh air to an acceptable level but also providing the same excellent energy efficiency in summer. Lossnay heat exchangers have an efficiency of approximately 82% thereby eliminating the need for additional electric elements.
Ventilation solution for a wide range of applications including toilets, changing rooms, meeting rooms and offices.
Optional parts and filters for your Lossnay systems.