WY-Series: PQHY

Advanced water heat source standard series for free switching between heating and cooling. (Nominal 22.4 - 101kW cooling / 25 - 113kW heating)

Water sourced heating or cooling

Advanced water heat source units suitable for a wider range of applications such as high rise apartments, cold climates, coastal areas. Flexible installation options for high rise buildings as the units can be installed inside. They do not suffer the need to defrost and are ideal retro-fit to existing water cooled building systems.

Outdoor Units


Nominal capacity

22.4 to 101kW / 25 - 113kW

The WY-Series condensing units can be situated indoors allowing greater design flexibility and no limitation on building size.

The two-pipe system allows all CITY MULTI solutions to switch between heating and cooling while maintaining a constant indoor temperature.


WY-Series: PQHY