High Speed Hand Dryer


The silver model offers outstanding performance with a drying time of only 9-11 seconds (high speed, heater on) energy usage of 550W and a low noise operation of only 56dB (standard speed, heater off) . With the 9th generation slim hand dryers Mitsubishi Electric has achieved a large 2dB reduction in noise to bring more tranquility to washrooms. As the pioneer of high-speed hand drying, Mitsubishi Electric knows that it is not the most energy efficient to focus on only air speed to improve performance. Instead, Jet Towel evolution has proceeded along the more sensitble route - researching smarter nozzle designs and striking the right balance between air speed and volume for greater drying efficiency. Throw in the high quality and long reliability that Mitsubishi Electric is known for, and you'll find a no brainer investment.

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Ultra-quiet operation

New Wave Nozzle 2.0

The patented wave nozzle has been further improved. Developed from fluid control technology, soundcausing turbulence has been further decreased, achieving a large 2dB reduction in noise.

Comfortable to use

Large 6.8L Drying Area

The space to insert hands is a wide 7.7cm at the narrowest point and 20.8cm deep. The large drying area makes it easier to dry hands without accidentally touching the unit.

Child-friendly Design

Alternate child sensors are placed inside of the drying area to detect small hands entering from the sides.

Long-lasting reliability

High-efficiency Brushless DC Motor

This high-precision motor is completely developed and manufactured entirely by Mitsubishi Electric. In-house testing results show a motor life of over seven years of use (400 uses per day).

Reinforced Protective Panels

Newly designed front and back panels make the new Jet Towel Slim more robust and impact-resistant. The panels have been tested to withstand an impact of up to 15J, or the equivalent of dropping a 1kg steel ball from a height of approximately 1.5 meters.

Simplified maintenance

0.8L Drain Tank Keeps Floors Dry

Water blown from hands is caught and channeled into a convenient drain tank for easy removal. It stores up to approximately 800 uses (0.8L), and requires only periodic emptying and quick rinsing. In the 9th-generation model, the drain tank is the same color as the body, making it less conspicuous to prevent tampering.

Easy Access Air Filter and Drain Duct

The washable air filter and drain duct are easily accessible, making quick and thorough cleaning possible. No tools or time-consuming disassembly required.


Colour: Silver
Heater Option: Yes
Heater On - Power Consumption: 1240
Heater On - Drying Time: 9 - 11 seconds
Heater Off - PowerConsumption: 720
Heater Off - Drying Time: 11 - 13 seconds
Noise dbA - Standard Settings: 56dB
Drain Tank: 0.8 L
Dimensions (WxDxH): 300 x 219 x 670 mm
Weight: 11kgs
Power supply: 220~240V, 50~60Hz




  • 3 year parts and 1 year labour warranty
*Actual price may differ.
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