High Speed Mini Hand Dryer


The Jet Towel Mini has a drying time of just 13 - 15 seconds and an energy usage of 475 – 560W (high speed, heater off). The Jet Towel Mini provides a low maintenance, low cost, and highly hygienic solution for both residential and commercial applications.

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Easy to use, for everyone

User-friendly Design

In addition to the large 5.2L drying area, the Jet Towel Mini features a water-catching tray and drain tank. Small children and people in wheelchairs will especially appreciate how the design prevents water escaping from the unit during use

Fits almost anywhere

Perfect for Smaller Restrooms

Taking up a space of only 25cm x 48cm on the wall, the Mini can be installed in tight spaces, and even over counters and sinks.

Installable on Standard Walls

Jet Towel Mini can be installed on walls that are not treated for waterproofing. Since the water is contained within the unit, the risk of water damage to the building is greatly reduced.


Highly regarded as a hygienic drying solution, the Jet Towel Mini is popular for various commercial applications. In particular, the Jet Towel Mini is ideal for tight spaces, restrooms where multiple jet towels are needed for convenience, or to meet special access requirements (e.g. children’s restrooms). The Jet Towel Mini allows for fast drying while also offering an energy efficient and clean solution that requires minimum maintenance.

While the unit itself is compact, the Jet Towel Mini features a spacious hand-drying zone. With a wide hand-drying zone users can dry hands up as far as their wrists without touching the unit for hygienic operation. This is particularly beneficial for those with big hands, as hands can be inserted up to a depth of 225mm.

Low Noise

Low noise operation has been achieved by using an advanced wave-shaped nozzle and innovative flow control technology. You can easily choose between two operation modes for further noise reduction.

Low Cost


The annual expense is reduced to a fraction of the cost in comparison to paper towels or rolled-cloth towels. The higher the use, the greater the savings.


The high-speed Jet Towel Mini hand dryer uses jet streams of air to dry hands, eliminating the paper waste associated with the use of paper towels, and relieves you of the trouble of waste disposal as well. The preservation of forest resources will also contribute to enhancing your corporate image.

Easy Maintenance


The Jet Towel Mini has nothing to refill or replace (unlike paper or cloth towel dispensers) and no waste paper to pile up or dispose of. This will give a clean, tidy and professional feel to your bathroom. The one-piece design and minimal joints prevents the accumulation of grime, making it quick and easy to clean. On top of this, the hand-drying area is made of alcohol-resistant resin, enabling cleaning using standard alcohol-based products.

No touch operation

When the hands are fully inserted lower sensor detection starts the airflow. Withdrawing the hands automatically halts operation. This touch-free design makes it superbly hygienic.


Colour: White
Heater Option: Yes
Heater On - Power Consumption: 735 - 825
Heater On - Drying Time: 13 - 15 seconds
Heater Off - PowerConsumption: 475 - 560 W
Heater Off - Drying Time: 18 - 23 seconds
Airflow: 90 m/s
Drain Tank: 0.6 L
Dimensions (WxDxH): 250 x 170 x 480 mm
Weight: 5 kg
Power supply: 220~240V, 50~60Hz




  • 3 year parts and 1 year labour warranty
*Actual price may differ.
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