Air Conditioning

Mitsubishi Electric’s industry leading City Multi VRF technology is designed for today’s building needs. With emphasis placed on energy efficiency, adaptability, reliability and control, City Multi addresses the most current market issues. Utilising integrated air conditioning, hot water, ventilation and control solutions.

The Hybrid VRF is a world first simultaneous heating and cooling 2-pipe system that uses refrigerant between the outdoor unit and the HBC (Hydro BC controller), and water between the HBC and the indoor units. HBC is the most unique part in this system and allows heat exchange between refrigerant and water. This system is suitable for a wide variety of installations. Extended range will be available in 2015.
HVRF Hybrid indoor units are exclusively for use with Hybrid VRF Systems. Current line-up of slim line ducted, middle static ducted and built in floor consoles to choose from. Offering superior comfort and environmental control and are among the quietest available on the market.
The CITY MULTI S series (for small applications) and Y series (for large applications) make use of a two-pipe refrigerant system, which allows for system changeover from cooling to heating, ensuring that a constant indoor climate is maintained in all zones.
A world first and only simultaneous heating and cooling 2-pipe system - the most cost effective. CITY MULTI R2 series offers the ultimate in freedom and flexibility. Cool one zone while heating another. Our exclusive BC controller makes two-pipe simultaneous cooling and heating possible.
Advanced water heat source units suitable for a wider range of applications such as high rise apartments, cold climates, coastal areas. Flexible installation options for high rise buildings as the units can be installed inside. They do not suffer the need to defrost and are ideal retro-fit to existing water cooled building systems. Able to operate with closed loop and open loop ground source water temperatures, bore hole and slinky applications are possible. It is also able to produce heat recovery via the water circuit between heat source units, making for a very economical system.
Mitsubishi Electric’s wide selection allows you to choose the appliances that will meet all of your requirements for indoor and outdoor unit layout, air conditioning form and environment. The indoor unit range offers superior comfort and environmental control and are among the quietest available on the market.
Controllers and Building Management Systems are one of the most important and familiar devices in an air conditioning system. Not only do they provide system control from a common point, but also provide a platform to minimise running costs and conserve energy.
Computer Rooms, Laboratories and any environment where strict control of humidity and temperature is a must.
The fresh air requirements for commercial buildings, gymnasiums, halls or wherever there are large numbers of people inside, can be huge, often many cubic metres per second. With such large volumes of fresh outside air, comes the need to temper it, normally to around 18°C.
The QAHV and CRHV hot water heat pumps provide efficient heating and hot water for commercial applications.
Air Conditioning