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For commercial buildings in New Zealand, the real cost of electricity can be tens of thousands of dollars every year. Garin College wanted to find an energy efficient solution that would make the most of the climate in sunny Nelson, and decided to install a 17.68kWp system to minimise their operating costs.

The New Zealand climate is ideal for maximising solar technology due to the high number of sunshine hours. Commercial buildings which operate during daytime hours have a great opportunity to self-consume energy at time of generation. This is the case for Garin College which focuses on self-consumption to make the most of their solar PV system. With 100% self-consumption predicted during day time hours, it is expected that all of the power generated will be self-consumed, allowing them to truly maximise their investment and make significant cost savings.

The system is expected to produce around 23,000kWh per year, and within the first three months it produced a solid 8,900kWh, a fantastic result!

Solar PV panels

68 x PV-MLE260HD Premium Monocrystalline 260W Solar PV Panels

Solar Inverters

1 x STP17000TL – SMA Sunny Tripower 3 phase Grid-tied Inverter

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Published: Thursday, 16 April 2015

Garin College