Hybrid VRF R410A

Hybrid R410A-Series simultaneous heating and cooling.
(Nominal 22.4 - 56kW cooling / 25 - 58kW heating).

Hybrid simultaneous heating and cooling

Hybrid VRF is a 2-pipe heat recovery VRF with water between the Hybrid Branch Circuit (HBC) Controller and indoor units. You can install and design it as VRF whilst enjoying the features of a chiller system. This provides a complete modern solution for office buildings, hotels, medical centres, schools, high-rise buildings, shopping centres and other commercial premises.

The Hybrid system provides simultaneous heating and cooling. Two refrigerant pipes connect the outdoor units to the HBC, and water pipes connect to each indoor unit, allowing energy-saving heat recovery operation, economy and efficiency. Flexible to design and install using the same control and network as VRF systems. Hybrid VRF provides comfortable and stable air temperature control with no refrigerant in occupied spaces, removing the need for leak detection.

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Hybrid VRF Technical System Overview

Hybrid VRF is based on a 2-Pipe Heat Recovery VRF System but uses water as a heat exchange medium between the Hybrid Branch Controller and the indoor units.

As such, the system combines the comfort of a traditional hydronic system with the efficiency and ease of modern VRF air conditioning – giving you the best of both worlds.

Hybrid Branch Circuit (HBC) Controller

Industry First Patented Technology

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A. Plate Heat Exchangers

This is the point where the refrigerant circuit transfers its energy to the sealed water system. There are two sets of Plate Heat Exchangers, both placed at opposite ends in the HBC. Both sets provide hot water in heating mode or cold water in cooling mode. During mixed mode, one set provides hot water while the other provides cold water to its respective flow header.

B. Pumps

Each set of Plate Heat Exchangers has a DC Inverter Driven Water Pump. This circulates the closed loop water system between the HBC and indoor units. The discharge flow rate from the pump is controlled by the Valve Block.

C. Valve Block

A Valve Block is connected between each flow and return port of the HBC.
This Valve Block has two features;

  • Firstly, it has the choice of selecting between the two flow headers.
  • Secondly, it controls the flow of the water sent to the indoor unit, defining the capacity.

D. Refrigerant pipes to outdoor unit

Expansion tank (field supplied) and water filling loop (field supplied)

E. Water flow/return to indoor units 8 or 16 port options available

F. Connection to slave HBC

Outdoor Units

PURY-P YNW-A (Air Source)
PURY-EP-YNW-A (Air Source High COP)
PQRY-P YLM-A (Water Source)

All City Multi air source outdoor units have Blue Fin treatment applied as standard to protect the aluminium heat exchanger fins.

“BS” coating can be applied to the outdoor units as an option for additional protection in sea salt environments.

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Reduction in defrost time

No drastic change in room temperature during defrost. Uses the heat of the hot water that circulates between the HBC and the indoor units. The defrost time is shorter and the average capacity is higher.


Hybrid VRF is suitable for various applications that require individual control (e.g., offices/hotels/hospitals/nursing homes) by using a centralized control. Similar to a VRF system easy installation allows greater layout flexibility due to the centrally mounted HBC.


Individual settings and simultaneous heating/cooling operation allow free selection of the operation mode. Further to this, mild air-conditioning provides a comfortable environment throughout your stay.


The requirement for simultaneous heating and cooling operation all year round is increasing along with the increase of electronic office equipment and diversification in use of space. An HVRF system can supply this demand with heat recovery technology.


The system can provide the appropriate levels of comfort simultaneously for the different air conditioning load requirements, such as medical offices, wards, rehabilitation rooms, and staff rooms.

Hybrid VRF R410A