Fiona Shine

Fiona Shine
Founder of SE3
SE3 source quirky decorative objects for New Zealand homes. Each product focuses on quality and unique design, sourced from within New Zealand and around the world.
We have seen a few of your treasures featured on The Block NZ Season 3, which Block house do you love the most?
I like them all to be honest but if I had to choose one it would be Alex and Corban's. I think they have worked really hard and the outcome in terms of vision, style and execution is amazing.
What is your design aesthetic?
I love clean lines, minimalism and deceptively clever colour combinations. I am a big fan of white walls, neutrals, natural fibres, wood and plants! Currently, I am also loving gold and copper accents for the home. They help bring warmth to a space and also evoke a feeling of luxury.
What is your favourite colour?
Can I choose two? Black and white!
Living in New Zealand, what is it about this country that inspires your style?
The people of New Zealand are so relaxed and friendly and that attitude is reflected in my style. I like a laid back, casual and inviting style rather than anything over-elaborate or formal. I also like to see natural products incorporated into design - wood, metal, plants - bringing something from the great outdoors into the home.
What is your prediction of the next design trend?
Marble products are big at the moment. But what I am also seeing as a new and exciting trend is marbleising by subtly incorporating the aesthetic looks of marble into all forms of accessories, from fabrics (napkins, cushions, bed linen and blankets) to prints.