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LX Series Inverter French Door

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Supercool Chilling Case

Set between -3°C and 0°C, the Supercool Chilling Case is ideal for storing fresh cuts of meat for up to 7 days, and fish for up to 5 days, without freezing.

Wide Chill Case

The Wide Chill Case can conveniently be used to store both dairy and processed meats, or quickly chill canned and bottled beverages for when unexpected guests arrive.

What is the Supercool Chilling Case ideal for?

Unparalleled Energy Efficiency

The use of super-efficient Inverter Technology combined with 9 monitored temperature sensors throughout the refrigerator, ensures a more constant temperature throughout the whole refrigerator and makes the LX Series one of the most energy efficient French Door Multi Drawer Refrigerators in New Zealand. The LX is able to accurately control the temperature of each drawer to ensure excellent customisation and minimal temperature fluctuations. With Neuro Fuzzy Logic Technology, the LX learns from and adapts to your lifestyle, optimising output for unparalleled energy efficiency.

Inverter Compressor

Multi Fans
By learning and adapting to your lifestyle, Neuro Fuzzy Logic Technology optimises both the Inverter Compressor and the Multi Fans to achieve unparalleled energy efficiency.

Unrivalled for Quietness

When it comes to kitchen design and appliance choice, quiet operation is becoming more and more important. At 19dBA, the LX French Door Designer Series is one of the quietest Large Capacity French Door Refrigerators in New Zealand.

Which of the following statements about Mitsubishi Electric’s Neuro Inverter Technology is incorrect?

Vitalight Humidity Drawer

The unique amber coloured Vitalight LED Lighting System is designed to slow down the wilting process of leafy greens, maintaining their original vitamin and antioxidant levels for longer. Fruit and vegetables stored in the specially designed Humidity Drawer with its integrated Vitalight LED Lighting System will last significantly longer in comparison to conventional vegetable crisper bins. After 1 week of storage

Vitalight System

Conventional Fridge

Vegetables absorb energy from an LED light to stay fresher than ever before with Vitalight Technology. What colour is the light?

Fresh ice anytime

Automatic Ice Maker

The Non-Plumbed Automatic Ice Maker ensures you always have fresh, clean ice anytime. There is no separate plumbing connection required, so the fridge can be placed anywhere in the kitchen. The long life water tank purification system is also easy to remove and clean and has a 10 year filter life. Simply fill the removable water tank and the Ice Maker is ready to go!

Which of the following statements about our Automatic Ice Maker is incorrect?

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