Multi room solution for heating your whole home

Choosing the right sized heat pump is vital to ensuring year round comfort. At Mitsubishi Electric we understand that every home is as individual as its owner, and as a result have developed an extensive range of heat pumps to suit your needs. Use the sizing tool to give you an indication of the best heat pump solution for your home. Please note the selector tool should be used as a guide; for a heat pump solution tailored to your home please arrange a free in-home consultation with one of our qualified installers.

What is a multi room system?

While a standard heat pump system consists of an indoor and outdoor unit, a multi room system allows you to connect multiple indoor units to a single outdoor unit. With a multi room heat pump system you are given the freedom to choose the ideal unit for each area to keep you comfortable, without cluttering the exterior of your home. Plus, you get the benefit of the superior efficiency and energy savings of Mitsubishi Electric heat pump technology.

Why choose a multi room system?

We know that every home is as individual as its owner. Mitsubishi Electric multi room heat pump systems allow you to choose the perfect model for each room without the need to install multiple outdoor units.

Choosing the right heat pump for your home

We recommend you book a free in-home consultation with one of our qualified installers. Choosing the right heat pump system requires an assessment of the areas to be heated, to ensure you get the best, most efficient system for your home. One of our qualified installers will carry out accurate sizing calculations, and expertly assess other factors involved in heat loss and gain.

Get a recomendation on what heat pump you need for a room.

For large residential homes and commercial buildings please read about City Multi VRF solutions. Extremely quiet, discreet and provides temperature control in every room – the ultimate in usability. With heating solutions ranging from 25 to 156.5kW.

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