Ecodan Domestic Hot Water Systems

5-14 kW of domestic hot water providing all of your hot water needs. Aside from heating our homes, hot water demands as much as 36% energy use in our homes and drives up the cost of our energy bills. Ecodan hot water cylinders are the ultimate solution for reducing costs and maintaining hot water demand in our homes and light commercial buildings.

Packaged Hot Water Heat Pumps


Mitsubishi Electric’s Ecodan complete packaged and pre-plumbed systems are designed to integrate Ecodan air source heat pumps with an optimised cylinder, ensuring best performance and reducing installation time and costs with only water connections necessary. No refrigerant piping into the home as the water is heated at the outdoor unit. There are 5 models available ranging 5kW, 8.5kW, 11.2kW and a 14kW. COP up to 3.50 at 2°C ambient temperature. BS coastal protection models available.

Split System Hot Water Heat Pumps


Mitsubishi Electric’s Ecodan split systems are ideal for fast heat up times, utilising the very best of heat pump technology refrigerant piping is run to the cylinder/hydrobox where it heats the water. There are 5 models available ranging 4.5kW, 7.5kW, 8.0kW and a 12kW. COP up to 3.55 at 2°C ambient temperature. BS coastal protection models available.

Cylinder Option


The 200 litre cylinder provides improved performance and fast heat up times through the use of plate heat exchanger technology and FTC5 control. The cylinders are completely pre-plumbed and wired for ease of installation. In the case of packaged type only water connections are needed in and out of the unit. In the case of cylinder connected to a split unit refrigeration pipes are connected to the unit as well as water pipes. All hydraulic components are contained in the cylinder unit. It has Hybrid function, for use with conventional boilers and patented Scale-Stop Technology helps to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Note: Rated capacity is at conditions A2W35. (according to EN14511 )



Ecodan is a highly energy efficient hot water heat pump system utilising a cylinder tank or hydrobox. It is the next level of efficient heating technology to provide the comfort we want in our homes and potable hot water, at the same time reducing carbon emissions and home energy costs. With proven Mitsubishi Electric technology, Ecodan is designed for New Zealand conditions.

Ecodan is flexible in design as it can work stand alone or in conjunction with other systems. Mitsubishi Electric cylinders are pre-plumbed and wired, with FTC5 control, it is easy to design, install, commission and maintain due to its pre-packaged features. It is built for the modern home, it has SD card commissioning and logging and the ability to program settings and energy monitor. BS coating available to protect against corrosive effects of the sea which is ideal for many coastal towns and cities in New Zealand. For areas of hard water prone to scale build up, the Ecodan has scale-top technology which actively decreases scale build up.

It can replace any existing heating system. Its footprint is such that it can fit into any home. Ecodan has leading industry low noise on both the outdoor and indoor units.

Ecodan is also a viable solution for small commercial applications such as offices and retail shops providing heating for the store/office and hot water for staff. With short return on investment this is the perfect economic solution to heating and hot water demand.

The Ecodan complete packaged system

Provides an effective, renewable alternative to traditional gas or oil fired central heating systems

By simply using a Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan air source heat pump to provide domestic space heating and hot water, it is possible to reduce your home's running costs and its CO2 emissions.

Mitsubishi Electric’s Ecodan Complete Packaged and Pre-plumbed Systems are specially designed to integrate Ecodan air source heat pumps with an optimised cylinder, ensuring best performance and reducing installation time and costs.

1. Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump

Mitsubishi Electric’s range of Ecodan air source heat pumps use the latest heat pump technology to provide low cost, low carbon heating and hot water for your home, all year round. Super quiet to run with low maintenance,Ecodan air source heat pumps are quick and easy to install as they are self-contained units only requiring electricity, with no need for gas supplies, flues or ventilation.

2. Ecodan Packaged Cylinder Unit

The pre-wired and pre-plumbed latest generation packaged cylinder features integrated hydraulic components and advanced user friendly controls. The packaged cylinder provides improved performance with simplified controls.

3. Advanced Controller with Energy Monitoring

Mitsubishi Electric’s fifth generation controller (FTC5) includes intelligent room temperature control as standard. This together with advanced weather compensation ensures the system delivers efficient, comfortable heating regardless of the season. FTC5 now also includes energy monitoring showing consumed and produced energy.

Domestic Hot Water and Heating

Consumer NZ research shows that a well specified and installed heat pump water heater would reduce your hot water bill by two-thirds over standard electric water heating.

Lower costs can provide home owners reassurance that future energy bills will be manageable.

Efficient operation means low energy bills and quicker return on investment where owners install a new heat pump system.

Energy use in domestic households – data from NZGBC.

Save up to 35% on your heating and hot water bill

An Ecodan heat pump system could save up to 35% on your heating and hot water bill per year when compared to gas and direct electric systems. Based on an average New Zealand household, this could be as much as $700.

Comparison to:

  • Traditional gas central heating system, energy savings up to 30%
  • Traditional direct electric heater, energy savings up to 40%

Return on investment could be within 5 years compared to gas heating and even quicker returns if hot water is utilised too.

Fast heat up times!

Ecodan works more effectively to heat your home compared to conventional heating systems by utilising inverter compressor technology in the heat pump to provide the right amount of heat when you need it.

  • Fast heat up times from 15°C – 55°C in 1 hour for a 3 bedroom house
  • Only 30 minutes to re-heat half the tank (100 litres)
  • Even faster heat up times with ZUBADAN technology

ZUBADAN New Generation provides powerful heating in cold regions where most heat pumps cannot perform very well. ZUBADAN’s rated heating capacity is maintained even in outdoor temperatures as low as –15°C. That means ZUBADAN can be trusted to provide comfortable heating during severe winter months. Furthermore even faster tank heater times are achieved in low ambient temperatures compared to standard models.

*cost savings based on estimated average annual hot water cost for New Zealand households, data sources from and NZGBC. Actual savings may vary in line with gas and electricity price fluctuations and seasonal conditions.

The secret behind our impressive heat pump efficiency is capturing the heat in the air.

Heat pump systems collect atmospheric heat from the air which is used as a heat source to provide highly efficient heating. For example, a heat pump with a coefficient of performance (COP) of 5.0 uses 1kW of electricity to produce 5kW of useful heat energy.

Air-to-water Heat Pump Principle (when heating)

Refrigerant and heat circulation < Case of COP 5.0 >

Reliable performance in low-temperature outdoor conditions

ZUBADAN New Generation provides powerful heating in cold regions where most heat pumps cannot perform very well. ZUBADAN’s rated heat-ing capacity is maintained even in outdoor tem-peratures as low as –15°C. That means ZUBADAN can be trusted to provide comfortable heating during severe winter months.

Benefits ZUBADAN New Generation

Example: PUHZ-HW140

Mitsubishi Electric’s Flash Injection Technology
The key to high heating performance at low outdoor temperatures

Flash Injection Circuit

The Flash Injection Circuit is an original technology. A heat exchange process at point A (heat interchanger) transforms liquid refrigerant into a two-phase, gas-liquid state and then compresses the gas-liquid refrigerant at point B (injection compressor). This circuit secures a sufficient flow rate of refrigerant for heating when outdoor temperatures are very low. Thanks to improving the heat interchanger and introducing a new injection compressor, the Flash Injection Circuit is now more powerful.

The secret behind our external plate heat exchanger system.

Thanks to the unique plate heat exchanger and scale trap technology, a more efficient performance is achieved. In conventional systems, there is a risk of calcium scale building up on the heat-exchange plate if it is exposed to tap water directly. Therefore, it is difficult to use plate-based heat exchangers to heat tap water. To resolve this problem, ecodan is equipped with a “scale trap” that catches homogeneous calcium nuclei in the tap water before it has a chance to grow into large scales, thereby inhibiting build-up in the external heat exchanger. ecodan can use a plate heat exchanger to heat tap water, resulting in much higher domestic hot water performance.

Notice: In the case of special localised conditions such as very hard tap water, please consult a specialist before installation.

Mitsubishi Electric’s Auto Adaptation function automatically tracks changes in the actual room temperature and outdoor temperature and adjusts the flow temperature accordingly.

Aiming to realise further comfort and energy savings, Mitsubishi Electric is proud to introduce a revolutionary new controller. Our advanced Auto Adaptation function measures the room temperature and outdoor temperature, and then calculates the required heating capacity for the room. Simply stated, the flow temperature is automatically controlled according to the required heating capacity, while optimal room temperature is maintained at all times, ensuring the appropriate heating capacity and preventing energy from being wasted. Further-more, by estimating future changes in room temperature, the system works to prevent unnecessary increases and decreases in the flow temperature.

Accordingly, Auto Adaptation maximises both comfort and energy savings without the need for complicated settings.

Auto Adaptation – room temperature control

  1. Installation site: Southern Sweden
  2. Detached house with underfloor heating
  3. Data in February 2011

Future room temperature estimation

Smart user-friendly controller with stylish design.

Function settings

  • Energy monitoring
  • Two-zone control (cooling and heating)
  • Two separate schedules
  • Summer time setting
  • Built-in room temperature sensors
  • Hybrid control (boiler interlock)
  • Floor drying mode
  • Weekly timer
  • Holiday mode
  • Legionella prevention
  • Error codes
Domestic Hot Water